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Bank Reconciliation

Do not waste your time doing bank reconciliation. Ezyrecon ($599.00) can do a complete bank reconciliation in under 3 minutes. It can reconcile from raw book and bank data-there is no data format requirement. With Ezyrecon, the reconciliation is just a simple 3-step process - the cost of software is only $599.00 (free trial for 15 days with tech support.

( If you are short of manpower or under pressure to finish your bank reconciliation, we can do it for you - we offer bank reconciliation service too( see bottom for details).

If you can download your book and bank transactions in a text, csv or Microsoft Excel® files, then your bank reconciliation is done already- you just need to review the result. Download EzyRecon program and test-drive this bank reconciliation free for 15 days.

If you have any inquiry, please e-mail us at or
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Microsoft VBA using the MS Excel®
EzyRecon is a bank reconciliation program written in Microsoft VBA using the Microsoft Excel® as its user interface. Since the interface is in Microsoft Excel, users can quickly check and modify the result, (i.e. two column AICPA bank reconciliation format), if needed. Not even Microsoft Great Plains® Bank Reconciliation program comes close to it . See how we compare against others (see comparison chart).

Behind the program buttons are complex visual basic programs doing the calculation of outstanding checks, deposit-in-transit and uncleared others.

The resulting reconciliation is a two column bank reconciliation from unadjusted book and bank balances to adjusted book and bank balances.

The system works like this, you download the book and bank file in a csv or MS Excel format, then you tell the computer to do the bank reconciliation. It is a simple 3 step reconciliation process.

Steps to do Bank reconciliation using EzyRecon

1) Download the bank statement into an Excel or csv file format- no bank format is required.

2) Download the book file as is from your accounting system into an Excel or csv file format(.e.g. SAP, Great Plains, Oracle, Navision, etc.).

If your books do not show the check number, you need to download the check register that shows the check number. Make sure that the total of the check register agrees with your total disbursements. If you are reconciling a payroll account your check register will come from a different system (e.g. ADP and others). The total of the check register should agree with your total disbursements. The same is true for deposits. If you are recording the deposits in total, you need to have a deposit breakdown of how the deposits hit the bank.

3) Hit the reconcile button, wait for 3 minutes,review AICPA format 2 column reconciliation from unadjusted to adjusted book and bank balances. The final reconciliation report has adequate audit trail and complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

If needed, the system can prepare the necessary journal entries on the fly to record each reconciling items based on your own chart of aacounts complete with audit trails and explanation.

If the above instruction is too complex, send us your book and bank files, we will do the initial set-up and recon for you free of charge-no pressure to buy. The best way to test the program is to actually use your own actual data.

Our Mission Statement

1) To make EzyRecon synonymous to bank reconciliation.

2) To define manual bank reconciliation as an archaic, unproductive and a primitive process from the past.

EzyRecon, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

If you want to talk to our sales rep, please click the Live Chat Now button, enter your name as the user, and click log in. Operators are standing by to help you.


Our competitors:

All accounting software (e.g. Great Plains, SAP, Oracle, Navision, ProVantage, Activant, Real World, Millennium (M3), QuickBooks, SAGE, and others) out there have a built-in bank reconciliation module. However, all them are semi-manual in nature and does not provide the AICPA suggested two column bank reconciliation report, the unadjusted book and bank to reconciled book and bank balances.

So, there is one question you probably would like to ask these customers (see sample list below) of Ezyrecon.

What is the compelling reason to buy Ezyrecon then use the built-in bank reconciliation module? The answer is simple, the built-in bank reconciliation module is useless, otherwise, you will not be here searching for bank reconciliation software.

Among our notable clients are:

Human Genome Sciences, Inc.( Rockville, MD) , uses SAP as their accounting system, they are a publicly held company

Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC ( Columbia, SC) , uses ProVantage as their accounting system, they are one of the biggest law firm in Columbia, SC

Radisson LAX Hotel ( Los Angeles, CA ) , uses Millennium (M3) as their accounting system and PayDay USA for payroll

Stream Energy ( Dallas, TX ) , uses Oracle as their accounting system

Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc., ( New York, NY) , uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their accounting system

Hornburg Calypso Ltd. ( Hamilton, Bermuda) , uses Real World by IBM as their accounting system

The Western Sugar Cooperative( Denver, CO) , uses SAP as their accounting system

Harry Cooper Supply Co.( Springfield, MO) , uses Activant as their accounting system

Harrys Seafood, Bar and Grille (Tampa, FL ) , uses Microsoft Great Plains as their accounting system

Bettcher Amherst Metal Stamping(Cleveland, OH )

Arteriors Home (Dallas, TX), uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their accounting system

Ward Media, Inc ( New York, NY ), uses Quickbooks as their accounting systems

Volvo Rents ( West Monroe, LA ) , uses Texada through Citrix as their accounting systems

Anderson's Liquor, Inc. ( Alberta, Canada ) owns 25 stores, a subsidiary of Humber Capital Corp, uses Simply Accounting by SAGE.

Clients' Testimonials About EzyRecon

Conrad's service has been outstanding; he has had his IT guys tweak my version more than several times. It is almost like EZY RECON for Dummies. We process over 15,000 (that is not a typo, fifteen THOUSAND) commission checks each month, many for the same dollar amount. This software is outstanding. I am now waiting for the bank to get their act together on $54,000 in checks that EZY RECON found that the bank cleared but we have no record of --and in a positive pay account. Conrad keeps checking back with me; great customer service. Oh, yes, I read a book while the software and my laptop does all the work in under 3 minutes. Couldn't be happier.

Ivy Danforth, Accounting Manager
Stream Energy -Dallas

Thank You Conrad!!! I feel very lucky to have stumbled across your program on the web. EZY RECON has really helped us get our reconciliations on track. The program is very user friendly and most importantly makes sense! I want to thank you Conrad for helping us get everything set up and going. I know we are quite unique and appreciate you and your support with that. Thanks for ALWAYS being there when we need you. My only regret is that we didn't find you sooner!

"Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC, Columbia, SC

Conrad, you were very helpful in setting me up to us the program. Once I understood the set-up everything else was a breeze. Now instead of 4 days of manually tying numbers together for all of our restaurants, it takes just 30 minutes. I especially like the fact that I'm not wasting time looking for that final dollar that I'm off when I do it manually. Thank you again for saving me time during my very busy month end.

Kevin Hicks, CFO
Harrys Seafood, Bar and Grille, Florida

The robust tool that has been developed by Conrad and his colleagues has enabled us to glean significant savings in manpower. We have re-focused these resources towards the 'management' of this function rather than have them face a large-tedious bank reconciliation monthly using XL. One thing stands out - the support that the sales team (especially Conrad) provided during this engagement; a process which pushed us to question our own process assumptions and led us to re-define our approaches. It was a pleasure doing work with you guys!

Tom Magee
Financial Systems Manager
Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

Conrad, just want to THANK YOU for the great software your company has provided. I used to dread the semi-annual bank reconciliation until I found EZY RECON. What use to take more than a week of hard, labor intensive work, can now be accomplished in under an hour tops. I have to be honest though, the program was overwhelming at first and get you frustrated if you don't focus on the instructions (I have to admit, I skipped reading the instructions) but the excellent and personalized tech support from you changed all that, several phone calls later, I finally managed to proceed on my own. After 17 years of manually reconciling in excess of 5,000 checks every 6 months, I wish I have learned of EZY RECON sooner. YOUR NAME SAYS IT ALL ... EZY. The name says it all - easy reconciliation.

California Produce Wholesalers

As Controller for a fast paced trucking company, I had been looking for a program like EzyRecon for months. We have seven bank accounts with from 500-2000 transactions each. After one-time setup, EzyRecon finished the reconciliations in under five minutes each. This program is AMAZING and the support is even better if that's possible. I never thought I'd look forward to dong a bank reconciliation, but with EzyRecon, I actually do! Thanks for all your help Conrad, I have NEVER had better customer service and product support. Your program is the "best of breed" as far as I'm concerned.

Mike Anton
Cross Creek Trading Company,
Central Point, Oregon

Conrad, your service to get the EZY RECON reconciliation working for our company has been excellent. We have gone from a labor intensive process which took up to 4 days to a process which now takes less than 2 hours. We now can reconcile to the penny over 2000 transactions. It has been easy to incorporate into our existing process, and works very well with the Sage, Simply Accounting software. Reconciling the transactions for our 25 stores has never been easier.

Thank you very much!


Tracey Bean, CFO.
Anderson's Liquor,Inc. (Alberta, CA)

Conrad, EZY RECON saved my life and many, many hours/days of blood, sweat and tears!!! You and your company's software is a dream come true!! Where were you like 10 years ago??? My apologies to you in the beginning for being frustrated (didn't read the instructions, YIKES!!!) and taking my frustrations out on you and the program, YET with a tad bit of patience and calm understanding, I'm now whizzing through these recs. SO CONGRATS on creating a work of art for us Accounting Professionals... Conrad, you are by and far the best sales rep, tech guru and patient teacher all in one! I wish you and EZY RECON many years of success!!!! 10:28 AM

Alia Haygood
Ward Media,Inc. (New York, NY)

I can't believe I am doing 4 bank account reconciliations in less than 30 minutes. EZYRECON made that all possible! Big big thanks to Conrad for his personalized support in transition and use of this software. This is a great product bundled with great tech support. You will not regret purchasing this product....

Francisco Rosales
Assistant Controller
Radisson LAX Hotel(Los Angeles, CA)

After manually doing the bank reconciliation for over a year using a simple Excel process that I had developed, I decided there had to be an easier way. I also hoped someone had already designed it! My prayers were answered when I found EzyRecon on the internet.
EzyRecon is a simple program the logically and systematically does all the crunching I was doing before. It even has the ability to match two amounts on the book side to one amount on the bank side, or any variation (may be needed when the bank posts credit card payments differently than they are booked).
The software can be run over and over for a period as needed to handle differences. Has the capability to tag (match) amounts manually on the fly.
The reporting is very user-friendly and useful.
As with any software, there is a little learning curve; However, you do not have to spend hours reading a manual - can jump right in - it is a very simple, straight-forward methodology.
The biggest plus is the customer support - they are there to assist at just about any time. I am not just a number once I place my order. Also, the software can be tried out at no cost for a month or two.
All-in-all, a great, simple program that has saved me a ton of time and many headaches!

Thank you EzyRecon!!

Stephen Krum
Arteriors Home (Dallas, TX)

Thank you for creating simple and EZY-to-use bank reconciliation software! In one particular instance, the software has cut the time spent on reconciling of approximately three hours to about 10 minutes. (The 10 minutes includes exporting and downloading the needed information from our client and minor formatting.) The actual reconciliation only takes about a minute.

We are a public accounting firm that specializes in servicing the Public Housing Industry including Section 8 Voucher programs. Our clients have numerous checks to reconcile each month.

Additionally, we would like to commend you on your excellent customer service. Your responses to our questions and user errors have always been prompt. We encourage all new users of this product to read the instructions thoroughly. We highly recommend this product for its ease of use and most importantly, the excellent customer support.

Timple Patterson
Senior Accountant
Lloyd & Associates, CPA
Gardendale, AL

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 Ezyrecon unbeatable price- One time payment only

Or, you may download a free trial copy for your evaluation for a period of two months. During these two months trial period, our technical support is available to help you reconcile your accounts with little or no effort on your part.

So,what are you waiting for? Download the file and use it free for 15 days!

Needed Version

If you are short of manpower and under pressure to finish your bank reconciliation, we can do the bank reconciliation for you. All you need to do is provide us with the needed files (i.e., book and bank files). We will run and review the reconciliation for you.

We charge $90.00 per hour. Based on our experience, we can finish a month of recon in an hour or 1.5 hour- maximimum. A year or a 12 month recon will cost you a maximum of 18 hours @$90 or $1,620.00, plus the software of $599.00, or a total cost of $2,219.00.

Quantify this amount against hiring a temporary accountant to do a year of reconciliation. You may end up hiring a temp for a period of 3 months or more to do a year of reconciliation. It is no brainer, the cost to hire an accountant for 3 months will be more than EzyRecon cost of $2,219.00- do your math.

Number of transactions

Payment for:
download ezyrecon now!
Download EzyRecon program and test-drive this bank reconciliation free for 15 days.

You read it right, you only need to define your bank and book files then your bank reconciliation is literally done- no need to do any data entry of any kind.

Or better still, send us your book and bank files - we will do the initial reconciliation for you using EzyRecon. We are confident that after using EzyRecon, you will not go back to manual reconciliation again.

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