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How it works

Steps to do Bank reconciliation using EzyRecon
Step 1) Download the bank statement into an Excel or csv file format- no bank format is required.
Step 2) Download the book file as is from your accounting system into an Excel or csv file format (.e.g. SAP, Great Plains, Oracle, Navision, etc.).

If your books do not show the check number, you need to download the check register that shows the check number. Make sure that the total of the check register agrees with your total disbursements. If you are reconciling a payroll account, your check register will come from a different system (e.g. ADP and others). The total of the check register should agree with your total disbursements. The same is true for deposits. If you are recording the deposits in total, you need to have a deposit breakdown of how the deposits hit the bank.
Step 3) Hit the reconcile button, wait for 3 minutes, review AICPA format two column reconciliation from unadjusted to adjusted book and bank balances. The final reconciliation report has adequate audit trail and complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
If needed, the system can prepare the necessary journal entries on the fly to record each reconciling item based on your own chart of accounts complete with an audit trails and explanation.

If the above instruction is too complex, send us your book and bank files, we will do the initial setup and reconciliation for you free of charge-no pressure to buy. We will send it  back to you for you to run from your end. The best way to test the program is to use actually your own live data.
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